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NeedleConcept is based in France and specializes in Mesotherapy, mesoguns and cannules.

NeedleConcept manufactures and markets the most popular meso therapy gun in the aesthetics field today, the U225. The company believes that aesthetic procedures don't have to be invasive to achieve great results. Therefore, NeedleConcept has developed the MesoGun and MagicNeedle Cannules, to limit standard invasive procedures and increase the overall effectiveness. 

The U225 mesogun is intended to use for the top dermis layer and can inject a wide arrange of products, most commonly used is the meso cocktail. A sustance usually comprised of many vitamins and minerals, with a low amount of non-cross linked hyaluronic acid. To increase skin health and elasticity. 

Cannules are blunt tipped syringes, configured so as to be able to enter existing syringe points in the facial skin and therefore inject evenly and throughout the entire injection area a large volume of dermal fillers with a single entry point. The MagicNeedle Cannules by Needleconept are made to inject low to high viscosity dermal fillers. When using a standard injection technique, you may inject a high amount of product using a single entry point. Minimizing recovery and increasing the patients comfort.

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MagicNeedle Cannules

Cannules for sub-dermal injection. A blunt tip allows the tube to be inserted into an existing entry point, previously made by a needle or similar. Once the cannula is fully inserted, a number of opening in the cannula tube allow for a number of injection points with a single entry point. 

MagicNeedle cannules are wide enough to be able to deliver hyaluronic acid gel and also allow for a relatively painless entry. Additionaly, the cannula tube is flexible and can help lower the patients discomfort. 


Available sizes:
22G in 57mm and 70mm
24G in 40mm and 50mm
27G in 30mm
30G in 27mm

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U225 Mesotherapy Gun

The U225 Mesotherapy gun is an auto-injector that allows the practitioner to quickly and efficiently inject Meso-cocktails and Hyaluronic acid to multiple injection points to the upper dermis layer. 

Using pneumatic injection and up to 425 micro-injections per minute, the U225 allows for a fail-safe injection technique.

Using standard Meso-cocktails and Hyaluronic acids intended for Mesotherapy, large amounts of minerals, vitamins and hyaluronic acids may be applied to the patients skin throughout the face, neck, hands and chest area. 

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